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Please email JumboTron Ads (or instruct to run last year's ad) to: by 7/15/2023.


Still Ads must be PDF or JPG. Animated Ads must be movie files (.mpg, .mp4, .mov ) playable in Quicktime or Windows Media Player. Widescreen format is best. 



ANIMATED / VIDEO - Ad will run on rotation during games for 15 seconds each time. No restrictions on color or resolution. PLEASE NOTE: Audio will not play in Jumbotron ads as they run continuously during play.


STILL IMAGE - Ad will run on rotation during games for 5 seconds each time (additional seconds available for purchase). Must provide artwork by emailing a PowerPoint slide of how you’d like your ad to appear OR photos & logos in PDF or JPG format. 


If you would like a free Varsity Volleyball Schedule poster please pick up at VHS front office

JumboTron Ads

PriceFrom $350.00
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